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Alchemy is a Rugby based group of eleven artists and art interested people who committed to meet together regularly in order to discuss art, art history and for mutual encouragement and shared practice. 

The members are versatile in their approaches with all the members presented work in more than one medium. 

This exhibition from the group showcased intriguing compositions  ranging from paintings in oil, acrylic and water colour; lino prints, monoprints; collage to sculpture in both ceramic and resin.  Explorations on the themes of "Alchemy", "Things are getting better, Things are getting worse" and others, will stimulate, delight, and puzzle

Featured Artworks
A photo of 'Love Always & Baby Doll' by Susan Haynes

Love Always & Baby Doll

By Susan Haynes Medium: Textile - Felted Wool

Love Always Top Baby Doll Bottom

A photo of 'Various' by Carol Wheeler


By Carol Wheeler Medium: Various

"A ceramic artist for many years, I have now immersed myself in mixed media, acrylics, collage and print making, especially gelli-printing. As always I am interested in colour, texture and pattern, and also some floral themes. I exhibit frequently with Rugby Artists' Group, Alchemy, the Tantalus Project, Rugby and District Art Society, Rugby Ceramic Artists, the Midland Potter's Association and the Warwickshire Contemporary Artists' Association. Also in 'Potfest' in Penrith and Somerset and at the International Ceramics and Pottery Fair in St Albans.
I have organised and curated several group exhibitions, including the Community Space Exhibition held in the main art gallery at Rugby Art Gallery & Museum."

A photo of 'Blue Bouquet' by Carol Wheeler

Blue Bouquet

By Carol Wheeler Medium: Acrylic

Instagram @carolwheeler_mixedmedia_uk

A photo of 'Various' by Marion Reid


By Marion Reid Medium: Various

"My motto is to live and learn.
I am interested in painting and drawing different ideas of subjects and will use whichever style and medium feels 'right' at the time. My natural approach is through colour, atmosphere and I try to express a veracity without complying with direct figurative depictions. The motif or image used often sits in a landscape of the imagination and brings into play an underlying sense of a story. Elements from the natural world and human nature are important sources of inspiration. I have been exhibiting since 2007 and enjoy the visitor interaction and responses."

A photo of 'Cool Green Space' by Marion Reid

Cool Green Space

By Marion Reid
A photo of 'Various' by Jackie Terrett


By Jackie Terrett Medium: Various

“I spend my time between rural Leicestershire and North Wales. Much of my inspiration is gained from observing the effects the passage of time has on the landscape which are familiar to me. I work in a wide variety of media including oil on canvas, collage, acrylic, water colour and pastel.”

A photo of 'Flooded Landscape' by Jackie Terrett

Flooded Landscape

By Jackie Terrett Medium: Oil

Instagram @terrettjackie

A photo of 'Light Reflection' by Jackie Terrett

Light Reflection

By Jackie Terrett Medium: Oil

Instagram @terretjackie

A photo of 'Sketch' by Eric Gaskell


By Eric Gaskell Medium: Pencil

A sketch completed by the artist Eric Gaskell whilst he was at Atkins Gallery

A photo of 'Characters study' by Laurence G. Tilley

Characters study

By Laurence G. Tilley Medium: Ceramic

“I like stories. Pretty Much everything I make seems to be about that if I try to stop and explain it. Mostly I like characters that seem to be part of a story or seem to have a story to tell.”

A photo of 'Various' by Richard Wheeler


By Richard Wheeler Medium: Various

“When my wife said to me ‘How would you like to spend one night each month drinking beer and talking to interesting people?’ I could only answer ‘Yes please!’ That’s how I found myself in the Alchemy artist group. My only experience of making art had been at night school thirty years previously with those early attempts focused on accurate representations of photographic images. My Alchemy experience has encouraged me to start painting again and has opened me up to different ideas.”

A photo of 'Tiger Tiger' by Richard Wheeler

Tiger Tiger

By Richard Wheeler Medium: Oil
A photo of 'Figure' by Laurence G. Tilley


By Laurence G. Tilley Medium: Ceramic

Instagram @tilley.Laurence

A photo of 'Tate Britain and Milbank Tower' by Joanna Leech

Tate Britain and Milbank Tower

By Joanna Leech Medium: Pencil
A photo of 'Various' by Martin Valentine


By Martin Valentine Medium: Various

"I am an artist working in many media but mainly those traditional disciplines of oils; water colour; graphite; pastel and charcoal. My usual style is one of realism, specialising in portraits and figures. I frequently paint houses and landscapes, which often reflect an aspect of a personality. I believe passionately in the Renaissance ideal that the human form is a mirror of the soul. I often work in Warwickshire as well as travelling to many areas of the world to seek inspiration. I exhibit in this country and abroad, while works are frequently painted for individuals on commission. The passing on of skills and working with others for inspiration is a crucial part of my approach. My works are found in many private collections worldwide."

A photo of 'Figure' by Martin Valentine


By Martin Valentine Medium: Pencil

Instagram @martin.valentine

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