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Atkins Gallery Annual Open Exhibition 2018 Portrait

The Annual Open Exhibition is a local artist showcase with the 2018 theme of Portrait!

The inspiration brief was Whether it is a person or an animal portrait, someone you know or someone famous, candid or posed, individual or group. Be inspired by the portrait painters of history, contemporary 20th century artists like Andy Warhol or create a portrait in your own style.

The exhibition also featured portraits of local historical figures and pieces from the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council art collection

Featured Artworks
A photo of 'Untitled' by Agnieszka Tuminska


By Agnieszka Tuminska Medium: Acrylic
A photo of 'Are you looking at Me?' by Neil Prior

Are you looking at Me?

By Neil Prior

Neil is a professional artist, a former long term resident of Hinckley.
Specialising in oils, he offers bespoke, affordable commissions in a wide range of subjects including still life, landscapes, seascapes, action studies, abstract creations and more recently animal and pet portraits.
Neil’s work is available as original art and in top quality giclee fine art prints and greeting cards. If you are interested in learning more about the products and services that Neil can provide then please contact him using the following details:
Web: www.neilpriorartist.com
Email: neilnap773@aol.com
Facebook: Neil Prior Artist
Tel: 07739182220

A photo of 'Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad' by Natalie Browne @purplelizard1984

Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

By Natalie Browne @purplelizard1984 Medium: Oil on Canvas, framed

Natalie Browne "This painting represents a pivotal moment for me as it heralds my transition from using acrylics to oil paints. Regarding this portrait as an experiment of sorts, I greatly enjoyed exploring my new medium and particularly relished the bold application of colour and texture.
There’s something aesthetically captivating about the comic book character Harley Quinn, particularly in her Suicide Squad incarnation. I like the stark contrasts in the attitude, behaviour and appearance of this bubble gum super-villain, which was interesting to try and convey in paint. I aimed to capture the childlike innocence of those large eyes and mismatched pigtails with the pugnacious larger than life personality to bring to life this effervescent candyfloss anti-hero.
She’s also significant because we named our beloved dog after her!"

A photo of 'Terry ' by Stephen Fox


By Stephen Fox Medium: Acrylic

Member of the Albert Street Artists in Loughborough www.stephenfox-art-collections.com

A photo of 'Fictional figure from 1,958 years in the future , the lottery selected  President of Earth.' by Keith Blower

Fictional figure from 1,958 years in the future , the lottery selected President of Earth.

By Keith Blower

Keith Blower "Ambitious politicians strive with all their energy to succeed and get to the top but on achieving success far from gaining happiness their life seems to become a nightmare, crushed by the responsibilities of office. Science fiction writers have suggested anyone foolish enough to want high office should be debarred on the grounds of insanity. Leaders would instead be selected by lottery, the winner or loser becoming president for a year. The pains of leadership I thought would make a good subject for three portraits of female leaders."

A photo of 'Figure from history, 1,958 years in the past ' by Keith Blower

Figure from history, 1,958 years in the past

By Keith Blower

Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni , having burnt London to the ground is about to march up the A5 to meet her Waterloo thought to be at Mancetter according to the historian Michael Wood.

A photo of 'Former Prime Minister Theresa May' by Keith Blower

Former Prime Minister Theresa May

By Keith Blower
A photo of 'Lady in Hissar, Bulgaria' by David Kingston

Lady in Hissar, Bulgaria

By David Kingston Medium: Giclee print

David Kingston "I enjoy observing people, how we go about our lives and the way we exist in our world - the ironic, the sad, and the humorous. I am interested in the candid nature in which images are captured in street photography. I use photography to capture moments I feel express my take on the world. The 'blank canvas' - the not knowing what I might find, is an excitement that motivates me. Although I am photographing the 'real' world, the chance happenings I present in my pictures are unfinished stories, moments with potential and unresolved dramas. The very act of making them into an image is simultaneously adding to and taking away from the subject, thereby creating a new reality".

A photo of 'Lady smoking in Birmingham' by David Kingston

Lady smoking in Birmingham

By David Kingston Medium: Giclee Print

David Kingston "I use editing software only to a minimum, without interfering with the essence and impact of the original scene.
I am influenced by some of the great street photographers such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank and Martin Parr, as well as other artists, in particular the painter Edward Hopper."

A photo of 'Joseph Aloysius Hansom
Inventor of the Hansom Cab' by Unknown

Joseph Aloysius Hansom (1803-1882) Inventor of the Hansom Cab

By Unknown Medium: Oil

Joseph Aloysius Hansom was an architect originally from York but moved to Hinckley with his family in 1834 to start again following
financial difficulties. On the 23 December 1834 Hansom registered his designs at the National Patent Office for a “safety cab”. This was the first version of the Hansom Cab. Hansom used local labour to build his prototype from a workshop in Regent Street. The prototype featured wheels with a diameter of 8ft or 2.4m and offered passengers stability and privacy with its enclosed sheltered seating. This version of the Hansom Cab was recorded to have been driven along Coventry Road and Watling Street in 1835.

A photo of 'Hansom Blue Plaque' by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Hansom Blue Plaque

By Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council Medium: Photograph

There are two blue plaques in Hinckley dedicated to Hansom, one is in the Borough on NatWest Bank and the second is on the Edwards Centre parade of shops on Regent Street.

A photo of 'Isla Mae' by Joanne Stewart

Isla Mae

By Joanne Stewart Medium: Textile

'Harris Tweed' means tweed made from pure wool produced in Scotland, spun, dyed and finished in the Outer Hebrides and hand-woven by the islanders at their own homes on the islands of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra – all known as the Outer Hebrides.
This hand-stitched portrait of a lady in produced using Harris Tweed and is named after the beautiful Scottish island of Isla – the southern most island of the Inner Hebrides.

A photo of 'Victor' by Neil Prior


By Neil Prior Medium: Oil

The reference photograph is by Heather Ward. Victor, who weighs in at 480kg (1058lbs), having retired from a breeding programme after fathering ten cubs, is the first polar bear to live in England for about a decade. He was born in captivity in Rostock, Germany, before moving to Rhenen in the Netherlands and is now In Yorkshire. Victor is a father to most of Europe's polar bears, now living in a 10-acre enclosure which has the environment of an Arctic summer.

A photo of 'Memories of Me' by Pam Hyams

Memories of Me

By Pam Hyams

Pam Hyams "This is about me in my "Hippier" days when life was about wandering the hills in Scotland slightly more carefree than currently!"

A photo of 'Portrait of a lady' by William Bass

Portrait of a lady

By William Bass Medium: Miniature

HBBC Bass Miniature Collection. There are 18 Miniatures in this collection, some of which are believed to have been painted by William Bass (1757-1781), William Bass (1785-1864) and Thomas Bass. Other pieces in the collection were owned by either of the two William Bass’s. The exact details of these pieces are unknown.

A photo of 'Create your Portrait!' by Atkins Gallery

Create your Portrait!

By Atkins Gallery Medium: Children's Activity sheet
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