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A panoramic photo of Atkins Building gallery space
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Earl Shilton Camera Club 2022

Earl Shilton Camera Club presented their 2022 exhibition with a full members' showcase.
The club has members ranging from beginners to experienced photographer’s with the common aim of improving all members' skills and sharing knowledge.
Learn more about ESCC at http://www.earlshiltoncameraclub.org.uk

Featured Artworks
A photo of 'Exhibition in Atkins Gallery' by Atkins Gallery

Exhibition in Atkins Gallery

By Atkins Gallery
A photo of 'Three Wrecks' by James Botterill

Three Wrecks

By James Botterill
A photo of 'St Simon and St Jude' by John Smith

St Simon and St Jude

By John Smith
A photo of 'Just Watching ' by Rob Jones

Just Watching

By Rob Jones
A photo of 'Lily ' by Debbie Lowe


By Debbie Lowe
A photo of 'Brinklow' by Gary Wood


By Gary Wood
A photo of 'Dance for the Blue and Gold' by Alan Wardropper

Dance for the Blue and Gold

By Alan Wardropper
A photo of 'Dancing Under Water ' by Ian Waite

Dancing Under Water

By Ian Waite
A photo of 'Family Portrait' by Paul Steans

Family Portrait

By Paul Steans
A photo of 'Flamenco' by Graham Townsend


By Graham Townsend
A photo of 'Gannet' by Isobel Chesterman


By Isobel Chesterman
A photo of 'Give Us a Push' by Andy Freeman

Give Us a Push

By Andy Freeman
A photo of 'Godrevy From St Ives' by Al Simms

Godrevy From St Ives

By Al Simms
A photo of 'Night Fighter' by Andy Freeman

Night Fighter

By Andy Freeman
A photo of 'Jugs and Pots' by Steve Pears

Jugs and Pots

By Steve Pears
A photo of 'Landscape' by Julie Holbeche Maund


By Julie Holbeche Maund
A photo of 'Lomond Innis' by Phil Mallin

Lomond Innis

By Phil Mallin
A photo of 'Misty Reach' by John Denny

Misty Reach

By John Denny
A photo of 'Ratcliffe-on-Soar' by Derick Langman


By Derick Langman
A photo of 'View of Southwold' by Liz Upton

View of Southwold

By Liz Upton
A photo of 'Orange' by Steve Signorelli


By Steve Signorelli
A photo of 'Camera ' by John Langham


By John Langham

This camera is an Hasselblad, from a display of cameras in the exhibition owned by John Langham.

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