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Upcoming Events

There's always plenty happening at The Atkins Building, check out the events calendar below for all the upcoming events and exhibitions!




Bouncing Back

11th-25th November

This exhibition is motivated by a group of artists’ reaction to a terrible event that happened to their community shop in Stretton-under-Fosse. The Malt Kiln Farm Shop Gallery offered an excellent outlet for the work of several new and well-established local artists. Devastatingly, in July 2016, the building was the target of an arson attack which completely destroyed it. In the aftermath of this horrendous experience, a small group of artists bolstered their resolve to overcome the catastrophe by creating more works of art, expressing themselves to prove that their creativity could not be stifled. ‘Bouncing Back’ is a compelling collection of artwork from Michelle Leche, Terry Hartshorn, Paul Percival, Jackie Ward and Janet Watson which demonstrates their power to triumph over adversity and to literally ‘bounce back’ following their ordeal.





A Peaceful Place - Fortnightly Mindfulness Sessions

Monday 27th November 2017

Marina Broadley from Heart of Well Being facilitates the wonderful calming women-only Mindfulness Class called 'A Peaceful Place.'

Marina's fortnightly class of A Peaceful Place on Mondays takes place in the Goddard Suite. If you're a complete Mindfulness and or Meditation beginner, that’s great. You will gain a tremendous amount from the fortnightly group by learning about your mind and how to quieten it, how to live more in the present, how to access calm states of mind, the value of letting go… and much more.
Contact Marina Broadley to have a chat about it and to book your place .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 07342 652090 http://www.heartofwellbeing.co.uk





Colour in a Monochrome World 2017

6th Dec - 2nd Jan 2018

Penny and Colin first met while studying for a masters Degree in Fine Art in 2005. They have exhibited work together ever since. This exhibition explores diversity; in the combination of art materials not normally worked together and differences within society.
Penny Andrews, a textile artist, uses her psychotherapy background as a starting point for creative work. In her work for this exhibition she explores childhood issues. Children under the age of 10 make sense of the world and their experiences with limited knowledge and understanding. How they interpret their world during these early years can have an impact on their future lives. Penny’s work explores the impact ridicule and humiliation can have on creativity.
Colin Ward, fine artist, has been practising art from an early age. He has always used a wide variety of materials in his work. In this exhibition Colin has been exploring unusual combinations of medium; glass with ceramics, glass and fabric, acrylic on canvas combined with fluorescent celluloid. Colin’s work is inspired by people and nature.




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